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Human Rights House Banja Luka Hosts Delegation from Human Rights Center Tbilisi

Human Rights House Banja Luka had the honor of hosting a delegation from the Human Rights Center (HRC) in Tbilisi, Georgia, who is a member organization of the Human Rights House Tbilisi.

The primary objective of the visit was to exchange knowledge and experiences regarding post-conflict practices, particularly in the area of property restitution and compensation for those affected by conflicts.

The HRC delegation, which included field experts and lawyers from Georgia and South Ossetia dedicated to restoring property rights for individuals impacted by the 1990s conflict in Georgia, aimed to gain insights from the Bosnian experience. This was seen as particularly relevant given Bosnia and Herzegovina’s extensive history with post-conflict recovery and property restitution following the conflicts of the 1990s.

During the visit, the group discussed various strategies and practices employed in Bosnia and Herzegovina to address the aftermath of conflict, focusing on the restoration of property rights and reconciliation processes.

The discussions underlined the critical role of local initiatives and international support in achieving long-term peace.

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