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Open Door Days “How to Resolve Legal Entanglements?”

The guests of our second Open Door Days, held on February 24, 2024, were participants of the second module of Training for Youth Workers from the Republic of Srpska, which is implemented by the Institute for Youth and Community Development Perpetuum mobile, and as part of the PROFOS project – Professionalization of the Youth Sector by Creating a Sustainable Curriculum.

We introduced the young people to the work of the Human Rights House and from the representatives of the Banjaluka Centre for Human Rights members of the House had the opportunity to hear everything about the process of registering a civil society organization, the documents required for the establishment and successful functioning of an organization.

Also, one of the interesting parts of our meeting was the conversation about how to bring human rights closer to those for whom they were written through social networks with an emphasis on TikTok.

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