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Free Entry to the Revue in Banja Luka: Human Rights on the Screen

A revue of documentaries about human rights will be held on December 9 (Saturday), from 5 p.m., in the Student Theater in Banja Luka, and entry is free.

This revue is held as part of the “Srđan Aleksić Days”.

As part of the revue, several short films and one longer film will be broadcasted. The goal of this year’s revue is to raise awareness of the threat to human rights and to show several different stories with this theme.

The films selected for this year’s revue were shot in the last two years in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia.

Some of the themes of the films are:

How many migrants have lost their lives in the rivers they are trying to cross to reach the countries of the European Union?

How did music, at least for a short time, illuminate the roads through Bosnia and Herzegovina for some of the travelers who are looking for a better life?

How to create a new identity after the old one disappeared in the whirlwind of war?

How to fight with an incurable diagnosis and win the invincible?

Where is She when we talk about human rights?

After the film screening, a panel discussion will be held on the topic: “Human Rights on Film – Impact on the Public”, as well as a short meeting with participants and authors.

The revue of documentaries is organized by the Human Rights House Banja Luka, which members are Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Banja Luka, Hi Neighbour, Transparency International BiH, Center for Environment and Banja Luka Center for Human Rights.

Photo: Camcorder, [Author: Nino Souza Nino, Pixabay]

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