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An appeal to the authorities, religious leaders and the general public

Violence, intimidation and discrimination must be eradicated.

The Human Rights House Banja Luka strongly condemns the violence and incidents based on ethnic and religious grounds that have occurred in the past few days in Vlasenica, Zenica, Potočari, Mostar and other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our society should become a society that has as its main value drivers: peace, harmony, tolerance and respect for religious, cultural, ethnic and any other diversity.

We hereby appeal to the representatives of the authorities in the Republic of Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to punish the perpetrators of the aforementioned acts in accordance with the laws and thereby send a message to the public that such acts are inadmissible, as well as to politicians to devote themselves to reducing tensions and, as part of their work, call on the members of their parties to respect the differences that exist in BiH and to condemn intimidation, violence and discrimination.

We also appeal to religious leaders to condemn violence and intolerance, and to teach members of their religions to love and respect, not only towards those of the same religion and nation as them, but also towards people who are different from them in any sense.

As a society, we must not allow new divisions and the growth of tensions that contribute to conflicts, and keep citizens in a state of constant uncertainty about life in BiH. Violence, intimidation and discrimination must be eradicated from our everyday lives.

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