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Open Door Days Have Started

We concluded the year with an event called Open Door Days aimed to introduce citizens, representatives of civil society organizations and all interested parties to the Human Rights House Banja Luka. We talked about what the Human Rights House actually is, what its goal is and which organizations are involved in this House.

Those present had the opportunity to hear a little more about how they can use the space of the House, for what purposes and what are the future plans and activities that will be implemented during the next year.

This was the first of a total of 8 events planned until August 2025, so all those who could not come to us last night will have the opportunity to join us in the coming period and find out how they can protect and exercise their rights, but also contribute to the work of the Human Rights House Banja Luka.

Follow our networks and websites where we will post all announcements and information about our events!

The Human Rights House Banja Luka is a coalition of civil society organizations that work together to improve and promote human rights.

Our House was founded in 2023 by five organizations (Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly, Center for Environment, Transparency International BiH, Hi Neighbour and Banja Luka Center for Human Rights)

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