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The first activity of the Human Rights House was held – Revue of Short Documentaries about Human Rights

Srđan Aleksić Days were opened on December 9, 2023 with a Revue of Documentaries about Human Rights in the Student Theater in Banja Luka. We watched six excellent films that raised numerous questions that we tried to find answers to in an interesting panel discussion that ended the Revue. The panelists with whom we spoke on the topic “Human Rights on Film – Impact on the Public” were Branko Lazić, documentary filmmaker, Haris and Ferida Abdagić, authors of the film Passengers, Adnan Selimović, journalist, author of the film Winners, Ajdin Kamber, photojournalist and journalist, one of the authors of the film Brother.

The goal of this year’s Revue was to raise awareness about the threat to human rights and to present several different stories with this theme.

The films selected for this year’s revue were shot in the last two years in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia:

“We Won”, Adnan Selimović

In life, we are often not asked. The roles are assigned to us, the paths are written down, and all that remains is for us to be as good and strong as possible. No one chooses cancer and no one wants it. It occurs. It happens. All of a sudden. The fight goes on and never ends.

The film “We Won” brings the stories of winners who came out of the fight called cancer as champions. Sharing the personal experiences of people who have been diagnosed with different types of cancer aims to encourage all those who are now going through this struggle.

Victory must be the only goal!

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