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Withdraw the Discriminatory Draft Law from the Procedure!

“The Draft Law on the Special Register and Publicity of the Work of Non-Profit Organizations makes absolutely no sense. We already have a law, and with the new law they do not want to improve this sector of ours, but they want to create additional pressure and make our work more difficult”, said Aleksandar Žolja, executive director of the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Banja Luka, before the public debate on the aforementioned draft law, which was scheduled for 10 a.m. in the space of the National Assembly of the RS.

During the gathering at Square Krajina in Banja Luka, and before the public debate, representatives of several civil society organizations pointed out the fact that the new Draft Law is discriminatory and unconstitutional, and emphasized its many controversial provisions.

“The very sentence ‘agents of foreign influence’, which entered our legal legislation for the first time with this draft law, is discriminatory. It draws targets on our foreheads, so we will have a problem with security itself”, said the representatives of the gathered civil society organizations.

The complete withdrawal of the contested Draft Law from the procedure was expressly requested.

“This Draft Law encroaches on the Constitution of the RS and BiH, as well as on the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms”, said the representatives of several organizations and submitted a request that such Draft Law be completely withdrawn.

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