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Open Door Days: What does it actually do Hi Neighbour?

Today, April 12, 2024, we had the opportunity to open the doors of one of the members of the Human Rights House Banja Luka – the organization Hi Neighbour, and on this occasion to introduce young people from all over BiH to what, in fact, this organization does and why it decided to be part of the Human Rights House Banja Luka.

Hi Neighbour is a group of professionals, volunteers and dedicated individuals who help people in need and those who need support in their development. They support the right to the development of children, young people and adults through group and development activities that they implement on the territory of our country and believe that supporting the development of the group will help the development of individuals and contribute to the development of the community. This is exactly why they saw their role in the Human Rights House – to contribute to the protection of human rights together with other organizations. “On the other hand, it is a space that can be used by civil society organizations, where they can use different resources to make their work better. The Human Rights House Banja Luka is a network of organizations that complement each other, and therefore we are better prepared to respond to the needs of our target groups”, said Branislav Ristić from Hi Neighbour, who also talked to the young people about the importance of activism, mutual cooperation and networking.

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